Ashland, Clark County

St Joseph's and Highland Cemetery
(northeast of town)


Type: Granite Monument

Description: A bronze plaque is mounted on a tall granite monument. The plaque reads:"In Loving Remembrance Of ~ Gerard Quisenberry Berryman, Soldier Of The ~ Confederacy, A Native Kansan ~Born, Kickapoo Mission, Leavenworth Co Sept 22 1835 ~ Died, Elk City, Kansas, Aug 2, 1895 ~ And ~ Albert Barnes McNickle, Company K, 112th Ill. Inf. ~ Born, Eastbrook, Pa, Jan 16, 1842 ~ Died, Ashland, Kansas, Feb 10, 1926 ~ This Monument Is Erected By Their Son, Jerome Woods Berryman, ~ And Daughter, Nancy Annette McNickle Berryman, ~ And Is Affectionately Dedicated By Them To The Veterans Of The ~ Civil War, Their Friends, And Neighbors Through Many Years, Who Are ~ Buried In This Cemetery And Whose Names Follow. ~ Union Army ~ {37 Nam3s} ~ Confederate Army ~ {5 Names} ~ Mexican & Civil War ~ {2 Names} ~ Ashland, Kansas ~ 1936".

reported by DE McGovern

DE McGovern, December 9, 2007

SUV Registry Status: Secondary Memorial
no SUVCW documentation planned