Parsons, Labette County

Oakwood Cemetery (east of town)
(north of town)

Parsons Parsons
Parsons Parsons

Type: Bronze Soldier Statue, Cannons, Pavilion, Entry Arch

Description: The Civil War section of Oakwood Cemetery consists of three parts: a Pavilion, Cannons, and a multi-figure sculpture surrounding a flag pole.

The entry to the grounds is framed by an iron arch upon which is inscribed: "Antietam Circle #2". Markers on the supports for the arch read: "Ladies Of The GAR ~ 1861" and "Ladies Of The GAR ~ 1913".

The sculptures and flagstaff include bronze life size statues of all four branches of the military that served in the Civil War. A bronze plaque mounted on a monument as part of the sculpture is inscribed: "In Memory Of ~ The ~ Unknown Dead ~ Of The ~ Civil War 1861-65 ~ Erected By Parsons ~ Camp No 23 ~ Sons Of Veterans ~ And Their Auxiliary No 30 - 1921".

The cannons consist of two 8-Inch Rodman Columbiads. Both are iron smoothbores with 8 inch bore diameters.

The Rotunda is twenty-four feet in diameter at the base, twelve feet high to the ceiling, with a total height of twenty-eight feet.

Baruch and Beckman, 1978,
Martin, 1910,
SOS! 1994,
Stark, 1997,
Thies, 2004

RM Thies, August 25, 1995
DE McGovern, February 2, 2005

SUV Registry Status: Primary Memorial
SUVCW documentation needed

Parsons, Labette County

Mt Calvary Cemetery
(northwest of town center)


Type: Limestone Soldier Statue

Description: This personal monument is dedicated to John P. Kremer (Army name "Kramer") as noted on the base.

One side of the monument, corresponding to one of the two graves, is inscribed: "In ~ Memoriam ~ John P. ~ Kremer ~ Born At Selange ~ Belgium ~ Nov. 10th A.D. 1839 ~ July 6th A.D. 1906 ~ Co. E. V Rec. ~ M.S M.Cav".

The other side of the monument is engraved: "In ~ Memoriam ~ Johanna ~ Kremer ~ Nee Brunner ~ Born at Newstadt ~ (Schwarswald) ~ Baden; ~ May 23rd A.D. 1832".

SOS! 1994

RM Thies August 25, 1995

SUV Registry Status: Secondary Memorial
no SUVCW documentation planned